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Niche Marketing Pro

There are two different starting points when you choose a niche. You may be looking for a niche or a sub-niche, or an angle in your niche because you already have an interest in something.

You have an interest, you know that, well, it interests you. But, you don’t know what part of the business might be profitable. You don’t know what part of the business people are looking for.

One of the things it’s important for us to remember in this industry is, we can have the best information in the whole world, but if nobody is looking for that information, you’ll never sell any of it.

I want you to just imagine that you’ve created a brand-new recipe, for a new salad. But, it’s absolutely disgusting, and nobody would ever want to eat it, nobody would want to serve it. You could make that recipe, and you could put it online. You could make pictures of it. You could put a price on it. It may be a phenomenal recipe. But, nobody wants it. Because it tastes bad. Nobody is going to be looking for it online. So, you won’t have any buyers.

When you’re in a position where you say “I have a particular interest and I want to be able to help people. I know there are people out there who need help, but I don’t know exactly what they need help with”.

That’s what we’re talking about right here. You have an interest, and you want to dig deeper.

There’s another point here. That is, you’ve got this idea that you want to get involved with online, and all you want to do is make money. You don’t care what niche that you get involved in. All you want to do is make money. I would submit to you, that until you develop an interest. You’ll probably never make money.

If you want to learn all about marketing online, then this book is for you. Get it today and learn everything you need to know to get started marketing online.


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